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Products & Services

Eyecare Matters

We believe that your eyecare matters. Our qualified Optometrists ensure that all our patients receive a full and thorough eye examination and sight test. We aim to offer the best possible advice about vision and related health matters. People assume this is so we can advise you about the best type of glasses or contact lenses to help you see properly, but this is just one reason for the eye examination.

We also check your general health by looking at the back of you eyes, to see whether you have any symptoms of disease. We can see the warning signs of diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts and heart problems. Early detection means you get the best possible care and treatment available and minimise the effect on your health.

Eyewear Matters

We can advise you on the perfect solution to your eyewear needs, whether you are interested in up-to-the-minute fashionable designer frames, or whether you prefer a more traditional style. We can also transform your choice of ordinary frames into sunglasses with your prescription, so you can see well in bright light.

There are many other ways in which we can improve your lenses so that they serve you better. We can advise you on lenses that:

  • Are light and thin, even if you normally need thick, heavy lenses
  • Do not have a tell-tale line if you have been used to wearing bifocals, and give you improved vision at all distances
  • Are resistant to scratching
  • Transform into sunglasses as you enter bright light
  • Don't look glossy and reflect everything like a mirror whilst you are wearing them

We also offer a full contact lens trial and aftercare service and stock a wide range of coloured lenses, perfect for making a dramatic change to your appearance! Our easy payment plan and wide range of products means that there is sure to be something to suit everyone, no matter what your taste or preference.

We give specialised advice about low vision aids for those with poor eyesight and the use of computer equipment.