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Find Your Perfect Pair: Choose Glasses that Suit Your Style

Mar 2, 2023 | Glasses

If you’re new to buying prescription glasses or are considering switching up your style to one that feels more you, it can be difficult to decide which style of glasses is right.

The world of fashionable glasses has been revolutionised beyond the typical aviator and wayfarer style. Smaller Independent Manufacturers are really ‘On The Ball’ as regards producing stylish prescription glasses and sunglasses frames that push the boundaries of what glasses trends once were.

Here’s a complete guide to finding the right glasses for you, taking into account different personality types, interests and fashion preferences. Whether looking for women’s or men’s glasses, here’s everything you need to know about finding your perfect pair of glasses.

The Creative Style

Are you a creative person who loves having your own individual style?

Fashion for you is an art form. You take inspiration from everywhere and love putting together unique colour combinations, textures and fashion styles.

Your look may vary from vintage to eccentric but one thing is for sure – you are not afraid of creating your own style and really don’t care what others think of you! In your daily life, you tend to enjoy creative hobbies like painting, music, writing. You may also be a collector.

Perhaps you love unique, unusual jewellery and seek out artists or craftspeople that make their own unusual patterns and bold jewellery, which tells a story. You may also like hats and quirky or vintage hair accessories.

Does this sound like you? Here’s our recommendation for your perfect glasses!

Your perfect glasses

We think you will love:

  • Unique and creative glasses
  • Bright, bold colours and pattern combinations
  • Round, retro, vintage cat-eye, or asymmetric styles

Since we know you love embracing uniqueness, we suggest you avoid:

  • Classic styles
  • Rimless glasses
  • Neutral colours

The Dramatic Style

Do you like to be fashion forward and make an impression when you walk into a room? As a dramatic style personality, you love to shop and buy all the latest gadgets and trends. You typically like bold and strong colour statements and are fashion forward with a wardrobe brimming with statement pieces. Practicality doesn’t enter your mind when you are out shopping- you love to stand out and be bold.

You opt for dramatic, high contrast colour combinations, bold jewel tones, high shine materials, geometric patterns, animal prints, fitted clothes and the very latest fashion trends are all items in your wardrobe. For you, style ALWAYS trumps comfort.

Your wardrobe may consist of belts, ties, watches, the latest shoes and heels and bold statement jewellery. You buy accessories constantly and have cupboards full of anything which makes a dramatic style statement including multiple pairs of glasses.

In terms of your lifestyle, you likely prefer having an active social life full of partying rather than a quiet evening at home reading a book. Your home is probably full of high-tech gadgets, and you like to drive fast cars or sports cars that call for specialised equipment.

Does this description sound like you? Here is the perfect glasses style for you!

Your perfect glasses

We think you’ll prefer glasses that are:

  • Bold, dramatic and striking
  • Fashion forward
  • High contrast, bold colour combinations
  • Black high shine frames

We know you can pull off extravagant designs, geometric patterns and animal print. For the shape of the frame, opt for extreme and fashion forward styling. Angled, round or strong horizontal shapes are probably more your thing. You can go oversized or undersized if it creates the drama!

Be sure to avoid:

  • Rimless frames
  • Classic shapes
  • Soft, understated colours and shapes
  • Lightweight, matte materials

The Romantic Style

Do you fantasise about old school romance, dreamy Hollywood aesthetics and a touch of nostalgia? You may have a romantic style personality.

A romantic style personality loves the whole idea of getting dressed up and often indulges themselves in long preparation taking great care over their appearance.

The most feminine of the personality styles, as a woman with romantic style, you love fitted clothes that show the female form as well as the dreamy ethereal look in luxury soft fabrics like satin and silk. Florals, detailing and pretty embellishments are also found on your clothing. You love luxury, pampering and getting your hair and nails done.

You love detailed shoes, and your jewellery is delicate. You are drawn to floral designs, multiple rows of small beads and anything with shine or sparkle. Your handbag may be floral or have some pretty detailing.

As a man with romantic style, you have a sense of security in your look and are not afraid to make others aware of your interest in looking after yourself. You enjoy shopping and care about your grooming and will invest time and money in it.

You like to wear clothes in interesting patterns including florals and fabrics such as cashmere, tweed, velvet and silk. You like to spend time on your appearance, from personal grooming to taking care of your clothes.

You may have a collection of watches, belts in different styles and weights of leather and you will always wear the right shoes for your look whatever the occasion.

Your perfect glasses

As a romantic style personality, we think you’ll prefer:

  • Detailed frames with interest
  • Soft and delicate styles
  • Accent colours and soft, pastel shades
  • Small, interesting details, such as beautiful etched metals, shine, or even glitz, jewels and sparkle!

We suggest softer shapes, such as delicate rimless or semi rimless with interesting sides. Or maybe even horizontal shapes with soft edges, round, oval, panto shapes and rimless frames with an interesting side.

Be sure to avoid:

  • Sharp angles and strong horizontal shapes
  • Heavy materials
  • Dark or strong colours
  • Plain designs

The Classic Style

Do you prefer timeless, classic styles with little care for fashion trends? You might just be a classic personality style! You probably prefer to stay in safe combinations, typically wearing the same style for years. You may struggle to dress down or mix and match your clothing. You prefer clothing that is structured, crisp, smooth and low textured. You are the most formal of the dressing styles, which means you always look smart and well presented.

You like timeless, classic jewellery and watches, pearls, diamonds and gemstones, but understated and small in scale. You are the person who enjoys structure and rules, and has your days planned out. Your surroundings are always clean and tidy. Once you find what works, you will stick to it and won’t feel a desire to change.

Your perfect glasses

As a classic style personality type, you’ll prefer timeless and classic eyewear styles, in neutral, uniform colours and no more than two colours in combination.

You will prefer:

  • Clean, simple designs
  • Small detailing, i.e. a jewel or pearl
  • Classic, symmetrical shapes
  • Rimless/semi rimless

As for materials, go for refined metals and smooth finished acetates, and matt or low sheen finish.

You’re best avoiding:

  • Extreme shapes
  • Bright bold colours
  • Too much detailing or fuss

The Natural Style

Do you like a relaxed, uncluttered look? Do you prioritise comfort over the latest fashion trends? You’ll love some natural style glasses. You tend to enjoy an active lifestyle – low maintenance hairstyles and little or no makeup are a must. If you’re a man, you may have long hair and rock a stubble!

You prefer natural, textured fabrics like cotton, denim and wool but most importantly they must be low maintenance and washable. You will often layer your clothes to keep you warm when out and about. You enjoy walking and being outside with nature. You may have a very active lifestyle and play or watch sports.

You prefer large bags or rucksacks that you can fit everything in, belts to hold up your jeans and a watch that may be multi-functional. Flat comfy shoes are a must! You rarely wear jewellery, but if you do, you will be drawn to natural textured materials like wooden beads, leather bracelets etc. You have a relaxed attitude to decor at home. Your car will be practical to work alongside your interests.

Sound like you? Here’s our suggestions for your perfect natural glasses.

Your perfect glasses

You will lean towards:

  • Comfort
  • Durability and flexibility
  • Low contrast, natural colour combinations
  • Natural patterns and details, like tortoise shell texture
  • Classic, structured shape
  • If you’re into sports, you may prefer a sporty wrap
  • Mid/ heavyweight metals and acetates with a matte finish
  • Natural textured materials like wood, wood/stone combinations, leather

Natural style personalities should avoid:

  • Lightweight fine metals with rimless frames
  • Bright bold colours
  • High shine

The City Chic Style

Do you keep up with the latest trends and like to stand out in the city? You’re probably a city chic style personality. As a person with city chic style, you understand how to dress appropriately for different occasions, keep abreast of the latest trends and will buy the very best you can afford.

You shop with care and will rarely make rash purchases, making sure anything you buy coordinates with other wardrobe items. You prefer to avoid frills and fuss. You are a minimalist in both your home and work environment, your car of choice is modern with the latest technology, practical but never ostentatious

You’re the ones who accessorise to keep your look current, so you have a collection of jewellery, shoes, scarves, handbags or manbags and eyewear to coordinate your fashion.

Your perfect glasses

Your glasses style will lean towards understated:

  • Stylish and elegant
  • Current season colours OR neutral colours
  • Panto style or geek chic
  • Classic with symmetrical lines
  • Light/mid weight, high quality materials with smooth or low sheen finish

We recommend you avoid:

  • Extreme shapes and colour combinations
  • Old fashioned designs
  • Too much detail or fuss

Do you want to find your perfect pair of glasses?

At Gormley Opticians, we are committed to providing our customers with the best eye care services, from eye exams to fitting and adjusting glasses. If you are in need of new glasses, our opticians can help you find your perfect pair.

We always stock a wide range of frames to meet your style personality types, from classic glasses frames to the latest eyewear trends. If you’re looking for an optician in Northern Ireland, contact Gormley Opticians now.


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