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Welcome to Gormley Opticians’ Glasses Style Guide, your ultimate resource for finding the perfect pair of glasses to suit your unique style and needs. Our whole team understand that selecting the right glasses can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you navigate the world of eyewear.

At Gormley Opticians, we believe that finding the right glasses is about more than just achieving clear vision. It’s about feeling confident and comfortable in your glasses and expressing your individuality. We are here to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle and fashion sense.

So, whether you are in the market for a classic pair of frames, a trendy design, or a specialised pair of glasses for sports or outdoor activities, our Glasses Style Guide has got you covered.

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Styles for all

The Creative Style Personality

Creative style

Clothing Style

Women: You are the ones who create your own individual style. Fashion for you is an art form. You take inspiration from everywhere and love putting together unique colour combinations, textures and fashion styles. Your look may vary from vintage to eccentric but one thing’s for sure – you are not afraid of creating your own style and really don’t care what others think of you!

Men: You create your own individual style. Fashion for you is an art form. You have an individual look which varies from day to day, mixing and matching fabrics, styles and colour combinations. One thing’s for sure you don’t want to look like everyone else!

Lifestyle: You tend to enjoy creative hobbies like painting, music and writing.

Accessory Style

Women: You love unique, unusual jewellery and seek out artists or craftspeople that make their own unusual patterns and bold jewellery, which tells a story. You may also like hats and quirky or vintage hair accessories.

Men: You seek out interesting belts, and like shoes in interesting colours and materials. Your socks make a statement and hats often feature in a look.

Eyewear Style: Unique and Creative

Colours: Bright bold colours & Unusual colour combinations.

Patterns & Details: Geometric, Ethnic, Exotic or Vintage patterns. Unusual pattern combinations. Quirky or asymmetrical details. Shapes: Round, Retro Geek chic, Vintage Cat eye, Asymmetrical shapes (one round and one square for example), Panto

Materials: Anything goes! Lightweight to heavy metals and acetates. Unusual material combinations.

AVOID: Classic shapes, Rimless, Neutral colours

The Dramatic Style Personality

Dramatic style

Clothing Style

Women: You are the ones who love fashion, are very fashion forward and are sure to be noticed when you walk into a room. Inspired by red carpet glamour you love to make a statement. Dramatic high contrast colour combinations, bold jewel tones, high shine materials, geometric patterns, animal prints, fitted clothes, the very latest fashion trends are all items in your wardrobe, and style ALWAYS trumps comfort. You will buy something if you LOVE it without giving a thought if it matches anything else!

Men: You love to shop and buy all the latest gadgets and trends. You like bold and strong colour statements. You are fashion forward and your wardrobe is brimming with statement pieces. Practicality doesn’t enter your mind when you are out shopping- you love to stand out!

Women: You have a very active social life and love to party. Spending a quiet evening at home reading a book is probably not your scene.

Men: Your home is full of high-tech gadgets and you like to drive fast cars or sports cars that call for specialised equipment.

Accessory Style

Women: You love high heels and bold statement jewellery. You buy accessories constantly and have cupboards full of anything which makes a dramatic style statement include multiple pairs of glasses.

Eyewear Style: Bold, Striking and Fashion Forward

Colours: Bold Jewell Colours, High Contrast Colour Combinations. Black high shine.

Patterns & Details: Geometric patterns, Animal Print, Extravagant designs.

Shapes: Extreme and fashion forward styling. Angled. Strong horizontal shapes. Extreme cat eye. Round. May go oversized or undersized if it creates the drama!

Materials: Metals/ Acetates- Mid /Heavy Weight. High Shine Finish.

AVOID: Rimless, Classic shapes, Soft, Understated colours or shapes, Lightweight. Matt finish.

The Romantic Style Personality

Clothing Style

Women: You love the whole idea of getting dressed up and often indulge yourself in long preparation taking great care over your appearance. The most feminine of the personality styles, you love fitted clothes that show the female form as well as the dreamy ethereal look in luxury soft fabrics like satin and silk. Florals, detailing and pretty embellishments are also found on your clothing.

Men: You have a sense of security in your look and are not afraid to make others aware of your interest in looking after yourself. You enjoy shopping and care about your grooming and will invest time and money in it. You like to wear clothes in interesting patterns including florals and fabrics such as cashmere, tweed, velvet and silk.

Women: You love luxury, pampering and getting your hair and nails done. You take great care of yourself and also of others.

Men: You spend time on your appearance from personal grooming to taking care of your clothes. You like luxurious and comfortable modes of travel.

Accessory Style

You love detailed shoes and will have lots. Your jewellery is delicate, you are drawn to floral designs, multiple rows of small beads and anything with shine or sparkle. Your handbag may be floral or have some pretty detailing.

Eyewear Style: Romantic, Soft and Feminine Colours: Soft Pretty Colours 

Patterns & Details: Floral or lace patterns. Small, interesting details. Beautiful etched metals. Glitz, jewels and sparkle.

Shapes: Soft shapes, delicate rimless or semi rimless with interesting sides

Materials: Light/midweight metals and acetate. High shine/sheen finish.

AVOID: Sharp angles. Strong horizontal shapes. Heavy materials. Dark, Strong Colours. Plain designs

The Classic Style Personality

Classic style

Clothing Style

Women: You are not too bothered about fashion trends and prefer to stay in safe combinations and wearing the same style for years. You may struggle to dress down or mismatch your clothing. You prefer clothing that is structured, crisp and smooth. You are the most formal of the dressing styles which means you always look smart and well presented.

Men: You are a man of tradition and comfortable with your look and see no need to change it. You don’t like taking risks particularly with your clothes. You are well coordinated and rarely experiment with different colour combinations. Your look is more formal but when presented with something new you can be open minded.

Women: You enjoy structure and rules and have your days planned out. Your surroundings are always clean and tidy.

Men: You like your hobbies and sports to be structures and timed, for example golf and tennis. Once you find your favourite car you will stick to the same model. You like to keep your surroundings tidy.

Accessory Style

Timeless, classic jewellery and watches. Real diamonds, pearls and gemstones but small in scale and understated.

Eyewear Style: Timeless and classic, simple and clean.

Colours: Neutral colours, no more than two colours in combination

Patterns & Details: Simple clean designs. May have a little detailing or small jewel/pearl on the side.

Shapes: Clean lines and classic symmetrical shapes. Simple Rimless/ Semi-rimless designs.

Materials: Refined Metals and Smooth Finished Acetates. Matt or low sheen finish.

AVOID: Extreme shapes, Bright Bold Colours, too much detailing/ fuss

The Natural Style Personality

Natural style

Clothing Style

Women: You like a relaxed, uncluttered look. Comfort and minimum fuss are your priority. You tend to enjoy an active lifestyle – low maintenance hairstyles and little or no makeup are a must. You prefer natural, textured fabrics like cotton, denim and wool but most importantly they must be low maintenance and washable. You will often layer your clothes to keep you warm when out and about.

Men: You have a very relaxed attitude to virtually everything, you are the typical laid-back man. You find grooming a chore and may have hair longer than most and some stubble. You like your clothes to be comfortable and easy to look after. You prefer natural fabrics with texture and will often layer your clothes. You really struggle with formal wear and find it restrictive.

Women: You enjoy walking and being outside with nature. You may have a very active lifestyle and play or watch sports.

Men: You are into sports activities of all kinds, whether as a participant or just watching and have a relaxed attitude to décor at home. Your car will be practical to work alongside your interests.

Accessory Style

Your accessories will be practical and useful such as large bags or rucksacks that you can fit everything in, belts to hold up your jeans and a watch that may be multi-functional. Flat comfy shoes are a must! You rarely wear jewellery, but if you do, you will be drawn to natural textured materials like wooden beads, leather bracelets etc.

Eyewear Style: Comfortable, Durable and Robust

Colours: Low contrast colour combinations. Colours found in nature.

Patterns & Details: Interesting layers of colour creating appearance of texture e.g. Tortoiseshell

Shapes: Classic structured shapes. Sporty Wrap for sports.

Materials: Robust -Mid/ Heavyweight Metals and acetates. Matte Finish. Natural textured materials like Wood, Wood/Stone combinations, Leather, Metals which flex/bend for lifestyle.

AVOID: Lightweight. Rimless. Bright bold colours. High Shine

The City Chic Style Personality

City chic style

Clothing Style

Women: You understand how to dress appropriately for different occasions, keep abreast of the latest trends and will buy the very best you can afford. Although your overall look is elegant and feminine, you will avoid frills and fuss. You shop with care and will rarely make rash purchases, making sure anything you buy coordinates with other wardrobe items.

Men: You may feel that you are a combination of lots of different looks and this is the true city chic man, you will adapt your look and style to suit the location and the occasion. You will spend on quality items and are aware of current trends. You care about grooming but are not fanatical.

Women: You are a minimalist in both your home and work environment, your car of choice is modern with the latest technology, practical but never ostentatious.

Men: You are a minimalist in both your home and work environment, your car of choice is modern with the latest technology, practical but never ostentatious.

Accessory Style

You accessorise to keep your look current, so have a collection of jewellery, shoes, scarves, handbags and eyewear to coordinate with your outfits.

Eyewear Style: Stylish, elegant, on trend

Colours: Current season and/or neutral colours

Patterns & Details: Simple and understated

Shapes: Panto, Cat Eye (Soft Modified), Geek Chic (Not too oversized). Classic shapes with clean symmetrical lines. Subtle nod to current trends.

Materials: High Quality refined metals, Quality smooth finished acetates. On trend material combinations. Light/ Mid Weight Materials. Smooth/low sheen finish.

AVOID: Extreme shapes or colour combinations. Old fashioned classic designs. Too much detail/fuss.

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Gormely Opticians provide a high-quality eye-care service and put your eye care needs first.

We have a have a spectacular range of glasses, which will be made up within 3 working days (with some exceptions). A full 12-month guarantee will be given against damage due to faulty manufacture of frames or lenses.

Our opticians use only the latest technology available to provide our patients with the highest possible standards of eyecare. We are the only practice in the North West with OCT & Optomap Widefield Retinal Imaging, allowing us to view parts of your eyes that were previously unseen.

We have an Onsite Spectacle Glazing and Repair Lab & can prepare your new glasses onsite, including the same day in emergencies.

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